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About enLIGHTen

What is enLIGHTen?

enLIGHTen stands for everyone needs LIGHT especially now. It's the name given to a series of shows, Live events, and educational forums created by Lisa Varga, an award-winning actress, host, producer, and writer. Lisa is a lifelong philanthropist who is on a crusade to help bring more positivity and light into the world through uplifting content. Her mission is to raise awareness for charities, causes, and people who are dedicated to giving back to others. 


Lisa is excited to introduce "The enLIGHTen Project", which is a ongoing series that was created to brighten the world with more stories about love, compassion, and inspiration. The enLIGHTen Project will air on multiple networks, and all streaming platforms including social media, and YouTube. It will feature a new charity, cause, or amazing individual each week who is making a difference in the world. The goal is to spread more love, kindness, and awareness across the globe in hopes that people will take action to do their part to make the world a better place.  


The enLIGHTen LIVE EVENT SERIES, hosted by Lisa Varga, will feature outstanding guest speakers from local cities, and around the world to help educate, motivate, and inspire. Attendees will see the world in a whole new light through the eyes of positivity and hope. Each topic will include authentic discussions that will provide clarity and peace on social and global issues, as well as entertain the masses. The end result is to allow the light within each one of us to shine brighter than ever and spread more love, wisdom, and knowledge. It is also designed to help individuals in need and support charitable organizations. The LIVE show will also be produced into a video series during each live event and shared across all platforms.


It’s time to spread some good news because everyone needs LIGHT especially now. 


The enLIGHTen Project


Past Speakers

Proud to bring inspirational speakers from across the globe

Past Events


enLIGHTen with Indiana Secretary
of Commerce, Jim Schellinger

enLIGHTen is a LIVE EVENT series, hosted by Lisa Varga, which will feature outstanding guest speakers from local cities, and around the world to help educate, motivate, and inspire.


The premier enLIGHTen event will kick off with Indiana's Secretary of Commerce, Jim Schellinger. The event will take place at the South Bend Civic Theatre, on July 8, 2020 at 6 PM.

Jim Schellinger is serving as a member of Governor Eric Holcomb’s cabinet and leading the state’s domestic and international economic development.


Secretary Schellinger previously served as president of the Indiana Economic Development Corporation under Governor Mike Pence, helping lead Indiana business growth and Hoosier job creation efforts as well as key initiatives like the Indiana Regional Cities Initiative and the state’s $1 Billion Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative. Schellinger was appointed to the role in August 2015 after serving two years as a member of the IEDC Board of Directors. 


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